Fast,reliable,honest Electrical company

Thank you for your fast respond and honesty me and my husband are very please with your Electrician.He educate and explain & showed us while he was fixing our electrical problem.



Awesome Electrical Company

I had a great experience with Jay removing and replacing a corroded bus bar in the panel. The configuration is a little odd and he did a great job creatively problem-solving what to do. I did have a miscommunication about scheduling - I thought he'd come back on Tuesday unless I called but then it turned out they were expecting me to call to schedule. When I did call they were great and very flexible about rescheduling and it wasn't an issue over all very satisfied.



Excellent warranty they have

I had a work done a few months by Speedy Electric it was Chandelier that brought from Italy they re wire the chandelier and hung it. I kept having problem with it they came out and fixed it. Happened again within a week and they came back no questions asked. Nice and friendly too



Quality electrical services in Atlanta

We recently purchased a 90 year old home in Atlanta and with it came some expected repairs/upgrades that were necessary. Several of which required an honest, reliable and licensed electrician. Knowing that we'd be working with many electrical issues over the many years that we plan on living here, we wanted to get 4 different proposals for our first electrical project: replacing the 18 year old Fuse box ; replacing the old Meter box; and all extending plugs and switches and all GFCI and more. They provided us an itemized proposal;They went through the permitting and inspection. The job was completed in a timely manner. They didn't collect any payment until the work was completed.



Fast and reliable

Outstanding and reliable service! We had just moved into our new home and discovered a major electrical problem in our panel box. We contacted Speedy Electric at 6:30 pm on Monday, and they were out the next day at 10 am sharp - their scheduled time. Our Electricians expert Alec and James was so professional, quick, and knowledgable. He discovered a minor issue with our Panel box and fixed it. If we run into any Electrical problems in the future, we will definitely be calling Speedy Electric for sure.



Hire Speedy Electric To Handle All Electrical Work

Every year we get a home inspection done for all the electrical systems in the house and hire Speedy Electric to handle all the electrical work. They have been our official choice from many years, their technician do a complete inspection of the house and repair any faulty or damaged wires and switches. Speedy Electric always offers us a very good estimate and also provides suggestions and improvements that may be done. I shall highly recommend Speedy Electric to everyone who needs to fix any electrical issues.



Awesome Company

Speedy Electric quickly diagnosed the problem and came up with a plan to fix it (part of my condo building had to have the power shut off). The great thing about the Speedy electric, they come on site with a big truck full of tools/parts - they had everything necessary to fix a very complex job in a little over an hour. These guys are the real experts, honest and professional.



Responsive and honest

Speedy Electric came to my house and quickly identified problem. Could have done unnecessary work but identified minor problem that was quickly addressed. Will definitely call them first if I have another concern.



Fantastic Company

Fantastic! They did a fantastic job, again! Several years ago when my old meter broke suddenly on very hot day in July on a weekend, they were up for the emergency and responded with 5 stars. Today, a Sunday, my old panel box which they advised me that it need it to be change in future sizzled.Yep,.. In a flash and with expert care, they responded and completed the work just in time for dinner. Reliable, responsible, very honest. My family and I are very grateful!!!



Best of the Best

We are very pleased with Speedy Electric. We needed a new line run to our hot tub out side. We called Speedy and they promptly scheduled a time for an estimator to come and tell us our options. He laid out the entire process in a clear manner, and explained our options well. The work was scheduled at a convenient time for us and the entire job was done well by two friendly and very hardworking Electricians.We love them and will used them again for sure.



Great company

I had a unexpected sudden power outage. I just bought my house a few months ago and haven't really searched out a reliable electrician and other sources to use in a pinch when problems occur. Luckily Speedy Electric had left a tag on my panel box. As soon as i saw it I called Speedy Electric. I was received with prompt and professional service at 6:45 PM, peak rush hour. James was professional and courteous, and even educated me about a few things a bout electricity that I didn't know about to help me in the future. Thank you Speedy for your excellent service.



Friendliest, straightforward

Speedy Electric fixed my breaker box..... efficient and I had electricity back on in no how much the price is going to be up front and did not changed at all love them.



Best Electrical Company

I had a problem with several dryer at my hair salon. Called Speedy Electric, and was able to get a 2 hr time frame the same day with no extra charge or emergency. The Electrician, Joel, went over all my options, gave me the prices, and explained everything. Joel was extremely professional . I will definitely call Speedy Electric for any Electrical needs.




AWESOME service! Unfortunately, my house was struck by lightening a few days ago and I needed an electrician to come by ASAP. I called them at 12AM and was pleased to speak with a person unlike other companies that have robotic answering services. The lady that I spoke with, Sonia, was very friendly and assured me that she can have a master electrician sent to my home. The electrician, Alec, got to my home very quickly. He was professional, courteous, and willing to work with me. I was shocked at how fast Speedy Electric sent their electrician despite the bad weather and my unanticipated emergency. I called a number of different electrical companies and a majority of them only had an answering service. At the time I was panicked and wanted to speak with a electrician and Speedy Electric was the only company that did not have a robot answer their calls after hours. After the work was done they did not leave my house until my power was restored by Ga Power. As a fellow member of homeowners association, I would recommend this company to all of my neighbors.



Great company to know

I was introduced to Speedy Electric Company by my boss. I hired them to replace my old florescent kitchen lighting with recessed lightnings and replace 2 "GFCI" in kitchen. I am pleased with the results, James was very professional and efficient. I am bringing them in again next week to replace my old base board heating with digitally programmable wall units. Liked: Service, Value



Best Electrical company in town

We thought we needed a new panel installed (which costs about $2100.00 we decided to get 2nd opinion so we called Speedy Electric they came out the same day that we called and talked us out of replacing the electrical panel. The problem was something else but I bet 8 out 10 electricians would've gone with the flow and replaced the box. Instead, he did some diagnostics and pointed us in the right direction (a/c unit). They were very honest and trustworthy. We will be keeping there number handy. Honest service is hard to come by nowadays.



Good Company

The electrician was very professional. After fixing the electrical issue I called for, he also offered to fix an issue I was having with my doorbell for no additional charge. In addition to this, he offered to set up two outdoor lights for the price of one. This gave me peace of mind because I didn't want to have to call them back again if I found more electrical wiring issues when I started to install the other lights.



Honest Company

I have always had good experiences with Speedy Electric. Their technicians,are very prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. I was given an honest and accurate assessment of my problem. He was also easy to reach and available to answer all my questions even after the work was completed. I would use Speedy again, and I highly recommend them.



Very Reliabe & Helpful

Had what I thought was a major electrical problem therfore I called Speedy Electric and they quickly responded to my issue. Once the technician arrived he was very helpful and walked me through the problem which was not as major but very delighted to see that he could fix in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost, thanks!



Best Electrical company in town

I have always had a great experience with Speedy Electric and I have been using them for many years.I am a difficult customer and I am very picky when it comes to electrical service. They are the best in town.



Kudos to Speedy Electric emergency service

I had a tree fall across the power line to my house and Speedy Electric came to my house at 1am and worked continuous until 10:30 this morning for next to nothing. My power was restored just as they said it would be and I couldn't be happier! Thanks Speedy!



The Most Reliable

Speedy Electric is not the cheapest by no means, but you cannot beat their professionalism and the quality of their work. They're definately a Company that makes you realize that with service of this sort, you get what you pay for. I'll never use anyone else but Speedy Electric.



They were able to install my over the stove microwave next day after calling them. Alex was very thorough and cautious in his planning and it paid off. It was a perfect installation even with a different size oven. Great job!


-Elizabeth Jones

I have used Speedy Electric, Roswell for the second time and the work and professionalism have been outstanding. Alex, the technician on both visits has been extremely pleasant to work with and professional addressing the issues in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Speedy Electric, Roswell to any one in need of a highly trained professional company.


-Carl Hook